Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cat Nap

Ninja log: Kitty Date 5: I love a cat nap. There's nothing more satisfying than taking a break from world domination plans to snooze and dream of chasing rabbits. Speaking of which Maud woke me with a bounce on the head.... for some reason that bunny is always full of beans, does she not realise that I need to kitty doze for at least 20 hours a day!!! Rudeness!

Anyway I have found a new sleeping bag - Sugar&Rhubarb's latest egg cosy.. it's pretty and warm... plus it's white and you know what us cats are like, anything that can show up our fur we love.

So it's been a lovely funtimes weekend, tomorrow we take over the world, bwahahaaha!!

Friday, 29 January 2010


Ninja log: Kitty Date 4:
Today I successfully fitted into an empty jar. Perhaps this could be away to launch a Troy attack.... buyers of M&S Artichokes would suspect nothing.

I told little Maud not to follow me..... but sometimes there's no getting through to that bunny!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I love batter

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 3: Today I feasted on deep fried deliciousness! We visited local hero chippy Gorman's and purchased battered greatness, including a 'bap' three times the size of my fine self.

I made good progress until I had the sudden urge to pass out .... perhaps this could work in my favour? Unfortunately whiskers easily trap batter bits... a snack for later methinks.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Black, White, Ale and a patch of grass

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 2: Today I accompanied a curly haired man to the football. I travelled in Cath Kidston style, carrying one of my prettily packaged warriors which should now be winging its way to Widget the sock bunny.

I have instructed Puffles of his mission - to gain the trust and confidence of the sock bunnies. Their alliance will come in handy when our day of greatness comes.

The curly man proved brave and could make a good sidekick. Amongst Geordie fans he took the time to snap pictures of me for my Kitty Creator, buy me a nuclear ale and he also threw me on a miniature trampoline on a miniature pitch. It has been a busy day, I shall now yawn, stretch and steal the bed from the humans using my slinky powers.

Distracted by Folksy

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 1:
My plans to take control of this planet from the two legged beings has been set back... I have found this folksy site that my creator speaks of and must say for unintelligent creatures some humans really can produce sparkly greatness... even greater than catnip mice. Tomorrow I visit a place called Newcastle ... I understand people visit this northern land to see bridges, drink a nuclear ale and photograph a buiding shaped like a slug... my observations of this community is crucial to understanding this species weaknesses. I will report my findings, in the meantime I am hunting for........ oooooh a shiney spot of light, bye.

Cupcake birthday banner from Heartfelt Handmade

Little pink teacup from Mishamakes

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First batch of Itty Bitty Ninja Kitty Warriors Released

Hurrah!! It is I, Itty Bitty the Great! I am pleased to announce that stage one of world domination is complete - the release of the first itteh bitteh committeh onto British shores. Buy them now at

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kitty in the making....

After the Kitty Creator successfully made two ninja kittys, her Ninja Kitty Machine started to eat all of the others. We're working to fix the problem, but in the meantime, here's a little taster!!