Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pretty Kitty travels...

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 21:
Right, so the Kitty Creator travelled south this weekend, and shockingly forgot Itty Bitty. The trauma was unimaginable, but thankfully Itty Bitty Pretty Ninja Kitty was on hand to step in for the Great Ninja. Reports back home say that IB was coping well and copying most scenes from Home Alone - cut out figures of cats sipping on cocktails were seen moving in front of the window, confirming that at least he wasn't trying to burn the house down whilst testing his latest weaponary - Maud must have kept him in check. So here's a bit about Pretty Kitty's adventure:

" This weekend was my first as a fully formed Ninja Kitty... I am finally no longer just a black cotton sock, so I celebrated with a visit to a very pretty place called Wells. Being in Cider Country means that I have since adopted the accent and feel this makes me even prettier than I already am.

I managed to find Itty Bitty his new country retreat - it's a minimalist abode that I think is understated, but will have enough room for him to plan world domination.

This is the place where they filmed Hot Fuzz, one of Itty Bitty's favourite films... he loves the bit with the shoot out in the market place so I took a picture of the monument for him to keep.... (that's me in the flower bed, sniffing the flowers) also has a wishing well, so I popped in a penny (resisted the urge to take some super shiny ones out) and kept my fingers crossed that his dreams for world domination would come soon....I'm off to Brighton now to stay in my new home, so from Itty Bitty Pretty Ninja Kitty - Over and Out'

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Itty Bitty Custom Kitties

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 20:

Today Maud and I were minding our own business playing with a giant bag of Maltesers like it was a ball pool, when we suddenly heard a noise from upstairs.

We grabbed the nearest weapon we could find, in this instance we reached for two felt tip pens... Maud changed hers from blue to pink before I led the way to find out what on earth was going on.

When we turned the corner we found three new special Ninja Kitties, two of which were ready and waiting to be sent off to their new homes.

They introduced themselves as Itty Bitty Pretty Ninja Kitty, Itty Bitty Frenchie Kitty, and Itty Bitty Comic Book Kitty!

We all had a good old chat before they headed off in different directions...

Maud and I were so impressed with the headgear of Pretty Kitty that we decided to raid Sugar&Rhubarbs brooch hoard and catwalk the our latest hair accessories..... how stylish!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another S&R takeover

Itty Bitty has fallen into a coma after eating an entire box of sugar puffs. They were a new find for him. Unfortunately Maud the sock bunny bet him that he couldn't eat all 1 million puffs, and he chose this battle to fight...... So I thought I'd share some of my new favourite shops on folksy! Click on the pictures to see the rest of the sellers items!

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Ninja Log: Kitty Date 19
Today I took a trip out into the big wide world again. Destination - Saltaire in Yorkshire. It was an educational trip in which I amazed at the architecture and scuttled around the David Hockney exhibtion.... I became instantly concerned by his fascination with dachsunds. To be immortalised in a sketch must mean these doggy creatures are popular. As such they have now become public enemy number one. For research purposes I now intend to watch the documentary film Catz & Dogz, a mouse army sounds useful, however a widget bunny army will do just as well I'm sure.

Whilst I was there I bumped into Uncle Bruce. He was just chilling and licking his paw.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Shameless self- promoting

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 18
Today Sugar&Rhubarb released some new brooches to help you jazz up your coats, bags, tops, dresses and cushions. So I (kitty creator not ninja kitty) have decided to take control of the blog for today to share some pictures. I'm making some more tonight so keep your eyes glued to folksy over the weekend for more additions to the shop.

Remember Mother's Day is soon approaching so think about one of these nice brooches as a present for the Queen in your life.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fairy Wing SOS

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 17:

The lovely seller Faeryatrix on folksy is on the hunt for some fairy wings for a surprise party for her friend's orphanage. If any one out there has some spare wings or would like to make a set please message julia via her folksy page . Below is her request:

My good friend Liz Bolton and her husband support an orphanage in SA

Liz is organising a surprise fairy party for the children and would love to give every child, 96 of them wings to wear.
Has anyone got some wings they could donate? I am making as many as i can but 96 is rather a lot,
maybe if your children have out grown being a faery or if you could make any, every pair would be so gratefully received. They are needed in just over 2 weeks.
If anyone could help please let me know. If you pm me i can give you my or Liz’s address to send them to.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mr lover lover

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 16
As today revolves around all things lovie I thought I'd share my favourite heart finds from folksy!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

What is this giant pond.....

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 15:
Today I discovered this giant lake thing called the sea... it smelt nice and helped send me on my way to a rather delightful cat nap... yummies. In order to visit this new natural phenomenum I had to hitch a lift. Unfortunately my two new doggy minions took up most of the space (it's their fluffiness you see and also a lot of space is taken up by their outrageously long breed names... I present to you - Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeens... phew - I thank you!) So I did what any good mastermind would do, and attached myself to the boot windscreen wiper. Cunning! (if you look closely you can just about see the furries through the window)

The walk was most joyous... but not having much in the way of bipedal skills I was forced to utlisise those of my four legged friends. Note to self: Dogs as Chariots may looks fancy, but not so much when they roll in sea muck.. eughies.

London Town

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 14:
Today I travelled to London for the first time.... excitings! The reason for the visit was that my Kitty Creater had a job interview at the yummy House of Fraser so I decided to take this opportunity to visit the big smoke and see it with my very own hand embroidered eye.

As you can see I packed light - taking only essentials - kitty kibble and toys... I tried to smuggle in some cat nip, but the Creator warned me that the sniffer dogs could get the wrong idea at Kings Cross.

Not only did my rucksack hold goodies to keep me occupied on the train and distract from taking it over I also found it useful on the tube... personal space is everything to me and I find a quick clip to the head of heavy breathing-stinky-armpitted-commuters with a massive rucksack clears a roomy radius for a Ninja Kitty.... bonus! Tomorrow I visit a small coastal area called Brighton, where I shall meet a dog for the first time, well two actually. I wonder if they can become my minions.....I do need someone to do my laundry after all.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Upset Kitty

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 13:
Today I am upset and a little bit of an angry ball of fur (and believe you me, I'm scary when I'm angry!) For the first time I heard about the battle going on between the fabulous designer HiddenEloise and Paperchase...If anyone made another, sub-standard Ninja Kitty I know I would be heart broken. Please show your support for her by letting Paperchase know your thoughts... SEND THEM YOUR COMMENTS!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Almost famous!! contd

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 12:
I am in another blog interview and I look gorgeous as only a ninja kitty can! Big thank yous to Claire for allowing me to be involved! Please follow her fabulous blog!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kitty Kibble take over

Ninja Log: Kitty date 11

Today I decided to take over the kitty kibble aisle at Lidl... don't ask me why, a world dominating kitty needs to fill his days with something.

The mission started off well. I decided to go undercover as Maud the sock bunny, for some reason her cuteness gets her access to places only a ninja kitty could dream of. As you can see my disguise was impeccable....all I needed was her scarf and widget bunny badge.

Things went well until I panicked and ended up behind bars...

For some reason the infiltration and power got to me and I grabbed a sweet potato and ran. Note to self : remain calm during operation takeover of any kind.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Almost famous!!

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 10
Sugar&Rhubarb and I, Ninja Kitty, have featured in our first bit of online publicity - excitings!! Take a look and please also leave a comment for Tracy - the columnist who gets the most comments wins and since she picked such a fetching photo of me, I'd like her to get first place!!!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Folksy Friday- animals

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 9:
I felt the time was nigh to share my other animal friends available on to all of you. So here are some of my favourites: (click on the pictures to follow the links)