Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Black, White, Ale and a patch of grass

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 2: Today I accompanied a curly haired man to the football. I travelled in Cath Kidston style, carrying one of my prettily packaged warriors which should now be winging its way to Widget the sock bunny.

I have instructed Puffles of his mission - to gain the trust and confidence of the sock bunnies. Their alliance will come in handy when our day of greatness comes.

The curly man proved brave and could make a good sidekick. Amongst Geordie fans he took the time to snap pictures of me for my Kitty Creator, buy me a nuclear ale and he also threw me on a miniature trampoline on a miniature pitch. It has been a busy day, I shall now yawn, stretch and steal the bed from the humans using my slinky powers.

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