Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Distracted by Folksy

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 1:
My plans to take control of this planet from the two legged beings has been set back... I have found this folksy site that my creator speaks of and must say for unintelligent creatures some humans really can produce sparkly greatness... even greater than catnip mice. Tomorrow I visit a place called Newcastle ... I understand people visit this northern land to see bridges, drink a nuclear ale and photograph a buiding shaped like a slug... my observations of this community is crucial to understanding this species weaknesses. I will report my findings, in the meantime I am hunting for........ oooooh a shiney spot of light, bye.

Cupcake birthday banner from Heartfelt Handmade

Little pink teacup from Mishamakes


  1. I love your ninja cats, especially as I do some 'ninja' classes myself!

    I had to award 12 people a blog award and I picked you as one. If you go to my blog you can accept your award.
    Abi x

  2. ooooh exciting!! Thank you!! xx