Friday, 12 March 2010

Bye bye Bertha!

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 24:

Today was a sad day... and rather terrifying as the Kitty Creator seems to have reached a rage of epic proportions! Not even tea is helping her. Bertha has finally given up all hope. She struggled to make two Harris Tweed iPhone cases and then couldn't take it anymore. The loops on the underside of the stitching expressed her level of exhaustion....

00h indeed Bertha, 00h indeed...

So I helped to pack her up, foot pedal and all ready for the lovely Michael to come and pick her up tomorrow afternoon. She'll be taken back to his Janome shop in Leeds Kirkgate Market, and will hopefully return after three days feeling as refreshed as if she'd been in Mexico for a month.

The Creator's mood did lift slightly when in her rush to find a God-like sewing machine fixer in town she came across some yummy cotton fabric at Samuel Taylor. Naughty indeed, but she's convinced that it will make some cool iPhone cases and tea cosies... I've expressed an interest in a kitty basket in said fabric, but since she's failed to even make me a scarf as yet, my hopes aren't high.


  1. I hope you get your scarf soon, it'll be a beauty

  2. You have more faith in her than I do.... you sound like a nice lady, I might adopt you as my human friend.