Thursday, 25 March 2010

The homecoming

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 28

Today I returned home...... I had run out of kibble bits and was in need of treats so I forgave the Kitty Creator for her lack of attention. I was pleased to find out that she'd made an extra tubby kitty as part of a creature swap on Folksy whilst I was away. This means that there is one more kitty warrior out there! Hurrah
I was greeted by Maud the sock bunny who had apparently missed me. I gave her the present I picked especially for her - a lime. Ask no questions.
I was most pleased to find that the Kitty Creator had also made me three new scarves. Which I promtly modelled for little Maud. You'll notice how once again my owner has misplaced her own camera and was using the male bipedal creature's contraption - she still can't figure out how to use the macro function!
I may be a crabby kitty, but I am also very generous. So I gave a neck warmer to Maud. And she in turn decided to give one to the lime.... which she has now named Limo and is her new BFF... 

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  1. Hello Ninja Kitty! love the stripy scarf, you should reclaim it from Limo!