Saturday, 13 February 2010

London Town

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 14:
Today I travelled to London for the first time.... excitings! The reason for the visit was that my Kitty Creater had a job interview at the yummy House of Fraser so I decided to take this opportunity to visit the big smoke and see it with my very own hand embroidered eye.

As you can see I packed light - taking only essentials - kitty kibble and toys... I tried to smuggle in some cat nip, but the Creator warned me that the sniffer dogs could get the wrong idea at Kings Cross.

Not only did my rucksack hold goodies to keep me occupied on the train and distract from taking it over I also found it useful on the tube... personal space is everything to me and I find a quick clip to the head of heavy breathing-stinky-armpitted-commuters with a massive rucksack clears a roomy radius for a Ninja Kitty.... bonus! Tomorrow I visit a small coastal area called Brighton, where I shall meet a dog for the first time, well two actually. I wonder if they can become my minions.....I do need someone to do my laundry after all.

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