Monday, 1 February 2010

Baker's delight

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 6:
Today I decided that we should make bread - the Kitty Creator seems to forget that me and Maud need a little help keeping our squishiness, so as always we took matters into our own.... hands....well if we had hands, that's where we'd take the matter! We took our time and picked a well thumbed book off of the shelf, today we were to feast on farmhouse loaf - hurrah....

The only problem is that Maud and I found the kneading part troublesome, I thought that we'd overcome the problem by using the bunny as the rolling pin, but we still had to sit the squishy doughy stuff by the fire until it admitted rising defeat but was baked regardless.

We kept our ears crossed and waited for the timer to ring. We kept busy by terrorising the tiger like feline... he found Maud's ears most interesting.

When it was time to hop/slink into the kitchen we were shocked to find most of the loaf gone!! Horror! Note to self: never leave the loaf!

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  1. Dear NK, I am loving your blog and look forward to reading the latest antics every day. I am very impressed by the varied life you lead - football, baking, world domination - and all with no arms or legs!!!