Thursday, 4 February 2010

The fog cometh

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 7:
I was most pleased today. I awoke to find a fog had fallen on Chapel Allerton, Leeds. It inspired me to launch a 'kitty in the mist' like attack on local residents. Now, how to get mother nature on board to help me out with this fog layer every day.... I shall facebook friend her, that'll work!
My kitty creator was also in a good mood today...this is especially abnormal as there was little milk in the morning to help fuel her with mugfulls of tea. She had learnt that LobsterLove had received her handmade bunting piece. You see this particular folksy seller is getting married soon and has asked for people to make her little triangles which she'll then group together into a stream of bunting to add further decorations to her celebrations! Get in touch with her if you'd like to take part in the fun.

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