Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pretty Kitty travels...

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 21:
Right, so the Kitty Creator travelled south this weekend, and shockingly forgot Itty Bitty. The trauma was unimaginable, but thankfully Itty Bitty Pretty Ninja Kitty was on hand to step in for the Great Ninja. Reports back home say that IB was coping well and copying most scenes from Home Alone - cut out figures of cats sipping on cocktails were seen moving in front of the window, confirming that at least he wasn't trying to burn the house down whilst testing his latest weaponary - Maud must have kept him in check. So here's a bit about Pretty Kitty's adventure:

" This weekend was my first as a fully formed Ninja Kitty... I am finally no longer just a black cotton sock, so I celebrated with a visit to a very pretty place called Wells. Being in Cider Country means that I have since adopted the accent and feel this makes me even prettier than I already am.

I managed to find Itty Bitty his new country retreat - it's a minimalist abode that I think is understated, but will have enough room for him to plan world domination.

This is the place where they filmed Hot Fuzz, one of Itty Bitty's favourite films... he loves the bit with the shoot out in the market place so I took a picture of the monument for him to keep.... (that's me in the flower bed, sniffing the flowers) also has a wishing well, so I popped in a penny (resisted the urge to take some super shiny ones out) and kept my fingers crossed that his dreams for world domination would come soon....I'm off to Brighton now to stay in my new home, so from Itty Bitty Pretty Ninja Kitty - Over and Out'

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