Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fairy Wing SOS

Ninja Log: Kitty Date 17:

The lovely seller Faeryatrix on folksy is on the hunt for some fairy wings for a surprise party for her friend's orphanage. If any one out there has some spare wings or would like to make a set please message julia via her folksy page . Below is her request:

My good friend Liz Bolton and her husband support an orphanage in SA

Liz is organising a surprise fairy party for the children and would love to give every child, 96 of them wings to wear.
Has anyone got some wings they could donate? I am making as many as i can but 96 is rather a lot,
maybe if your children have out grown being a faery or if you could make any, every pair would be so gratefully received. They are needed in just over 2 weeks.
If anyone could help please let me know. If you pm me i can give you my or Liz’s address to send them to.

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